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Power Expert

Power Expert

Part No. 27116-1503

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  • Patented Body Geometry design is lab-tested for both men and women to assure blood flow to sensitive arteries.
  • Stiff, carbon-reinforced shell for longevity and all-day riding efficiency.
  • Lightweight and supportive PU padding for comfort and support on longer rides.
  • Lightweight, durable, and hollow titanium rails.
  • Tough, lightweight, and water-resistant cover.
  • Level 2 padding: Medium density foam for bike feel with additional cushioning.
  • SWAT™-compatible mounts molded into the saddle base allow for sleek and integrated storage solutions.
  • Size 143mm / Weight 233g
  • Size 155mm / Weight 235g
  • Size 168mm / Weight 238g
Power Expert座墊採用堅韌的碳纖維強化底座,以及耐用的鈦弓以減輕重量。它的Body Geometry設計,男女皆適用,並可助您在所有騎乘姿勢中都有卓越表現,特別是衝刺的騎乘姿勢。通過血液流量測試和壓力分布量測驗證,採用中級Level 2 PU緩衝材質、加寬拉長的Body Geometry溝槽和適當的坐骨支撐,可提供全天騎乘的舒適性。
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