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Men's Stumpjumper Comp Alloy 27.5 - 12-speed

Men's Stumpjumper Comp Alloy 27.5 - 12-speed

Part No. 93319-5002

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No need to fret—we haven't forgotten about all you alloy fans out there. In fact, the new Stumpjumper Comp Alloy 27.5 with a 12-speed SRAM NX Eagle may be the most radically designed alloy bike ever made. For real, though. And with new tube shapes and an asymmetrical design, it's going to exceed all of your expectations of how a trail bike should ride.

Our design goal for the new Stumpjumper was simple—build the ultimate trail bike, one that feels telepathic. And it turns out that this feeling all comes down to stiffness. Think of it this way: when the frame's telling your hands one thing and your feet another, your brain gets confused with the imbalance and the bike feels unstable. In order to fix this, we had to get to work on dialing-in the material and shapes.

We continued down the suspension path with a custom Rx Trail Tune on both the fork and rear shock. Suspension performance is highly dependent on frame, wheel, and rider size, so we use our Rx Tune to get each bike to land in the middle of the adjustment spectrum, and this gives you the biggest possible range to fine-tune your ride. Another focal point of the tune was matching the suspension characteristics between wheel sizes—we developed a specific Rx Tune for each platform. So, no matter what wheel size you prefer, you'll get perfectly linear suspension.

Steps were also taken to make this bike easy to live with. Threaded bottom brackets make a triumphant return, and we made room for up to a 2.8'' tire. You're also free to run whatever aftermarket rear shock you want, since we're using standard metric shocks. And customization is furthered with a Flip Chip that lets you to dial-in your Stumpy to your riding style. Switch it from High to Low and it drops your bottom bracket 6mm and slackens the head tube by half-a-degree. Little details also jump out to surprise you, like a newly designed ribbed chainstay protector that makes chain slap a thing of the past and nearly silences the drivetrain.

The build on this Comp model comes with a list of components that deliver undeniable quality, like a 12-speed SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain, SRAM Guide R disc brakes, FOX front and rear suspension, and Roval Traverse 27.5 wheels.

Stumpjumper Comp Alloy 27.5以Sidearm不對稱側臂車架設計,提供了林道越野所需要的剛性和精準操控性能,並搭配12速SRAM NX Eagle傳動系統搭配。重點是:性能表現遠超過你的期待,甚至還超越許多市面上更昂貴的自行車。




我們的避震調教團隊開發了客製的避震調校,讓它與每部自行車的車體運動軌跡完美搭配,我們稱之為Rx Tune。雖然要通過這個基準製造自行車沒有那麼簡單,但這過程是值得的。你可以感受到Rx調校帶來的完美避震,感受完美的操控性能。


• Sidearm不對稱側臂車架提供林道越野所需的剛性和精準操控性能。

• FOX DPS Performance後避震提供完美調校的後避震。

• NX Eagle 12速傳動系統,為您提供簡潔的單盤配置和寬廣的齒比範圍。

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