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Men's RBX Bib Shorts with SWAT

Men's RBX Bib Shorts with SWAT

Part No. 64219-7601

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When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of bib shorts, comfort is everything. And for anyone whose rides demand premium materials, superior fit, and cutting-edge technologies, the new RBX bib shorts are sure to be your jam.

We designed an open suspender fit and bib construction that's engineered to keep the shorts up and in-place without constricting the upper body. The stretchy elastic suspenders are uber plush and soft against the skin, and accommodate taller torso lengths with ease. Silicone-infused fabric cuffs, meanwhile, provide a gentle, secure hold on the legs in order to ensure the perfect, shift-free fit.

Our new Body Geometry Contour chamois also adds unrivaled comfort by minimizing its total footprint and keeping only what's structurally necessary. This minimizes pressure on nerves and soft tissue, while also maintaining the optimal level of support.

Last, but certainly not least, the new RBX includes three SWAT™-inspired rear pockets that are engineered into the back of the bibs to house valuables, like ice cream money and keys. Each pocket has clean, bonded edges that stretch, recover, and accommodate its contents with ease.
當選擇一件完美的車褲時,舒適就是一切。對於任何需要優質材質,出色貼合性和尖端科技的騎士來說,全新RBX Bib Short肯定會成為您的最佳選擇。


我們的新型Body Geometry襯墊有效地減少了面積,僅保留必要的結構,給您無與倫比的舒適感。可以最大程度地減小對神經和軟組織的壓迫力道,同時還保持最佳的支撐水平。

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