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Men's HyprViz Deflect Wind Vest

Men's HyprViz Deflect Wind Vest

Part No. 64420-4702

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  • Hyper Green fabrics are paired with unique reflective trims to keep you visible to drivers 24 hours a day.
  • Deflect™ is a lightweight stretch-woven fabric that"s wind-resistant, water-resistant, and highly breathable.
  • Lightweight fabric and minimal construction allows vest to be packed into your jersey pocket when it isn"t needed.
  • Full-length front zipper allows for easy ventilation when your efforts heat up.
  • Partial elastic at the waist and shoulders seal out the cold.
  • Deflect™ UV 50+ protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Slim Fit closely and precisely conforms to the curves of the body, ensuring an unrivaled level of fit and comfort, while still allowing room for a jersey or base layer underneath.
  • Fabric weight: 49g
  • Fabric Content: 100% Nylon
通常這種可收捲成小包易攜帶的背心會以輕質防撕裂材料為主,雖然這類的材料有良好的防風和防潮性能,但卻會在騎乘時無法貼合身體造成風吹拍打並發出噪音。 我們的目標是製作一件可保留材質優勢,也不會讓您看起來像是一面行進的國旗的車衣。 所以我們使用了一種能與身體貼合又保持韌性的材料,可提供無聲的騎乘體驗,同時兼具抗風性。 為了抵擋路上噴濺的水花或是泥濘,我們在前方使用耐用的防水塗料,在背部未經塗料處理以維持高透氣性。 此背心也可以輕易的收納成拳頭大小,方便攜帶。
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