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Men's Body Geometry Dual-Gel Gloves

Men's Body Geometry Dual-Gel Gloves

Part No. 67019-1005

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Our Body Geometry Dual-Gel gloves are all about comfort. They feature strategically placed gel pads throughout the palm to alleviate hand fatigue by relieving pressure on the ulnar nerve. This design also comes with the added benefit of minimizing hand numbness, as well as reducing many other negative effects that come as a result of road vibrations. Breathability has also been accounted for at the back of the hand, while a secure fit is ensured by a contoured Velcro® closure.

我們的Body Geometry Dual-Gel手套使用舒適。它們在整個手掌上策略性的設計了凝膠墊,減輕您末梢神經的壓力,降低手部疲勞。這種設計最大的好處是減少手麻感,減低了道路振動而帶來的負面影響。透氣性也歸功於手背,可沿著您手輪廓貼合的魔術彈簧扣,增加牢固的貼合性。

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