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Fast Trak 2Bliss Ready

Fast Trak 2Bliss Ready

Part No. 00120-4042

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We took the tread design of the Fast Trak 2Bliss Ready tire a step further by manipulating each knob with Finite Element Analysis. We improved an already proven tread by having more consistent shoulder blocks for better cornering traction, while the block spacing is configured for better self-cleaning. The tread of this 2Bliss Ready version is also slightly wider compared to the S-Works version, which protects the sidewalls and delivers additional cornering bite. Lastly, our proprietary GRIPTON® compound gives the tire a livelier feel and more grip in either wet or dry conditions.

我們使用有限元分析技術,設計輪胎上的紋路,讓Fast Trak 2Bliss Ready輪胎更進化。 我們採用更加一致的胎肩突起設計來改善轉彎時的抓地力,並且重新調整了胎紋突起的間距,讓泥土碎石更不容易卡在輪胎表面,也改善騎乘體驗。 與S-Works版本相比,此款2Bliss Ready版本的胎面略寬一些,可保護胎唇。 我們獨家的GRIPTON®複合材料讓輪胎在潮濕或乾燥的條件下都表現完美,給您無可挑剔的抓地力。
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