Expert XC Mountain Bike Shoes

Expert XC Mountain Bike Shoes

Part No.: 61119-2036

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The Expert XC Mountain Bike shoes take the spirit of high performance found in the S-Works iteration and puts it in a value-loaded package. Along these lines, you'll find that it has everything you need to get your feet wet in cross country rac... Read More

Expert XC登山車鞋延續S-Works系列的高效能以及其他價值滿載的功能。此鞋款具備所有越野競賽和騎乘所需的功能,例如輕量的結構、精密的碳纖維外底、單顆可更換的輕量IP1Boa®旋鈕鞋扣,以及耐用的SlipNot™橡膠線。因此,放心加大力度吧,它能讓您的表現再更上一層樓。

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