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Element 1.0 Jacket

Element 1.0 Jacket

Part No. 64418-7423

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In the shoulder seasons, you'll find that conditions are far from ideal, but not so intense that you'll form icicles on your beard whiskers. In these times of year, you'll find a solid minimalist jacket, like our Element 1.0 Jacket, will be the ideal piece for your ride.

The jacket is made from our Element??Soft Shell material, which is both wind- and water-resistant, as well insulating. And as the 1.0 iteration of this jacket, this fabric is used throughout in order to provide coverage and protection from the elements where it's needed most. The fabric is also extremely lightweight and malleable, so you'll experience the perfect amount of stretch in all of the right places throughout the motions of cycling. Its use equates to a lightweight, minimal barrier between you and the elements, which is perfect for fair conditions or any fall/winter riding at a hard pace.

The Element 1.0 also includes additional weather-fighting properties, like a pop collar that prevents unwanted chills and moisture from entering the jacket via the neck opening. And lastly, three rear expansion pockets and one zippered security pocket at the back handle storage duties.

換季時的天氣不見得理想,但至少您的鬍鬚不致於結冰。此時騎車最適合的,莫過於簡約好用的Element 1.0外套。

此款外套使用獨家Element™ Soft Shell布料,防風防水又保暖。取名1.0,表示此款外套全面使用此款布料,在重點部位提供包覆和防風雨設計,而且材質輕盈、極具彈性,符合騎乘時身體各部位所需的鬆緊度,絕對是最輕盈簡約的風雨防護罩;無論是好天氣,或在寒冷的秋冬日騎乘都實用。

Element 1.0還額外強化了防風雨特性,例如加高領子以避免冷風濕氣從頸部竄入。同時,後側三個擴充口袋外加一個拉鍊防竊袋,提供收納空間。

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