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Boy's Hotwalk

Boy's Hotwalk

Part No. B4E0-0705

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If we're being honest with ourselves, learning to ride, back in the day, bordered on a traumatic event. The crashes, oh the crashes. These days, however, kids have it easy with awesome little bikes like our Boy's Hotwalk.

With no pedals or gears, it's designed to help Junior finds his balance by making it as easy as possible to put his feet down. In fact, scooting around with his feet is how the bike moves (outside of gravity), so he'll get used to the feeling of riding without much of the risk.

Even better for you, there isn't much that can break should the bike hit the deck on the pump track, so there's less maintenance then with a traditional bike. That's right, you get parental hero status, and they have the time of their lives while learning to ride. Win-win.

如果我們對自己誠實,那一定想要回到過去,重新學習騎自行車。現在您的小孩有了這個機會,敬請好好把握! 孩子們可以使用我們的Boy's Hotwalk來輕鬆學習騎車。


更低廉的維護成本,即便碰撞也不會造成太大的損傷,與傳統自行車相比維護成本更低。是的,您在他的心中就是英雄! 他在學會騎乘自行車後也會充滿成就感。簡直是雙贏。

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