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Air Tool Comp V2

Air Tool Comp V2

Part No. 47220-2100

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Everybody needs a floor pump in their home, but not just any floor pump will do. You need something that's dependable, versatile, and accurate, like our new Air Tool Comp. It checks all the boxes with a dual-stage pressure gauge that delivers the low-pressure accuracy that your mountain bike tires require, while also matching the high-pressure needs of your road and gravel tires. At 365cc-per-stroke, it might not match the MTB floor pump, but this one fills big tires fast and makes for a great all-arounder that’ll get you out the door and riding—fast.

  • Dual-scale 3" (76mm) oversized gauge.
  • Steel base and aluminum barrel construction.
  • Ergonomic wing handle is now overmolded for comfort.
  • Auto-selecting SwitchHitter II head technology.
  • Includes spare rubber seal for head.
  • Max pressure: 120 PSI (8.3bar)
  • Volume-per-stroke: 365cc

每個人家裡都需要一個落地式打氣筒,但不只是每個打氣筒都可以敷衍了事。您需要可靠、多功能和準確的產品,正我們新的Air Tool Comp。它有雙刻度氣壓錶,提供您越野車低空氣壓力所需的精確,以及公路車胎所須的高壓。每次打氣輸出365cc的空氣量,輸出量可能不及MTB專用打氣筒,但它可以快速地為大型輪胎充氣,滿足你的騎乘需求。

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